For a lot of women, as they move through career, motherhood, menopause and the other stages of life, they start to lose touch with who they really are and how to make the most of the next phase of their life.

This engaging, intimate and soul satisfying retreat on stunning Norfolk Island allows you to define who you are, and how you’ll tackle ‘ageing’ with self love and confidence.

This retreat is for you if:

  • You feel a chapter in your life is drawing to a close
  • Decades of identifying with professional and family roles no longer reflects or describes who you are
  • You have begun to experience losses ranging from physical changes to the death of loved ones
  • The Golden Years of retirement lie ahead, but the idea of retirement doesn’t inspire your vision of a fulfilling life
  • You simply feel lost and that your not ageing ‘as gracefully’ as you’d like


The question arising in your mind, heart and spirit is now beginning to stir your imagination. What will a life of meaning, purpose and passion look like as you enter this Third Act of life?

Aging Reimagined provides a guide for exploring these questions. This retreat is designed to:

  • Travel into your imaginal world to resource your creativity
  • Rediscover ‘The Call’ first heard and expressed in your childhood play
  • Recover lost dreams and latent talents
  • Review and release old beliefs and patterns that have limited your vision of a rich and rewarding Third Act
  • Rewrite your life script for a reimagined ageing with meaning, purpose and passion



Judith Saunders developed the one-week Aging Reimagined Retreat from the culmination of a lifetime of supporting people emotionally, physically and spiritually on their personal growth journeys. Her early professional life included a decade as a yoga teacher and a massage therapist in California. This was followed by a 30 year career as a psychotherapist in California and a clinical psychologist in New Zealand. Now living on Norfolk Island, Judith shares her knowledge, experience and wisdom with women 50+ as they explore what will create meaning, purpose and passion at this stage of life.


  • 6 nights Shearwater Villas
  • Daily breakfast baskets
  • Lunches including 5 picnics at Norfolk Island’s most scenic spots and 2 hour private coach tour
  • 6 gourmet dinners with wine by French chef, Julien Vasseur
  • One hot stone massage
  • Morning Yoga
  • A copy of Judith’s book “Aging Reimagined – A Guide for the Journey”
  • Plus other wonderful goodies to take home



April 17-23

May 15 – 21

June 12 – 18

July 10 – 16

August 14 – 20

September 11 – 17

October 16 – 22

November 13 – 19

(Note: Retreats are limited to 10 people only to ensure maximum outcome for each guest. Book early to avoid disappointment)



Package prices start at $3,685.00 depending on accomodation type. Please note, prices do not include flights to and from Norfolk Island.


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5 Reviews


  • AJ
    Rating Accomodation Atmosphere Personel Price Tags Setting

    I was under Judith’s therapeutic care for 2.5 years during which time her counselling and support for me during an extremely traumatic time, was invaluable. I wouldn’t have made it through those dark times without Judith’s ongoing love and care for me. Judith is a highly professional, respectful and reliable woman. Words really can’t explain the help I received under Judith’s care.”

    3 December 2020

  • FM McDonald
    Rating Accomodation Atmosphere Personel Price Tags Setting

    Judith Saunders was my psychologist for two years. I found her to be very helpful with resolving a lot of my needs. She established the safety for open communication and I felt relaxed in her presence. She was non-judgemental and had a wealth of knowledge to support me to self reflect and solve many issues through my own thinking. Judith has some great strategies to assist with my recovery. She would be an asset to anyone on a path of growth or healing.

    3 December 2020

  • Heidi Adams
    Rating Accomodation Atmosphere Personel Price Tags Setting

    Judith’s Ageing Reimagined Retreat, Norfolk Island, was an Amazing Journey. If you are looking to grow, understand and reimagine your elder hood more deeply and authentically, go with an open mind and experience a miracle.

    Judith, provides a beautiful space of unconditional support, healing natural beauty. Set on a cliff top property overlooking the South Pacific ocean the atmosphere is a perfect space for transformation and a safe haven in which to dare to dream, play and reimagine a fantastic future of elder hood. Judith creates a cocoon which allowed for nourishment of my emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing so that I emerged with new wings and a clearer vision for where I will fly to in the coming years of elderhood. Thank you.

    3 December 2020

  • Rupa O'Brien
    Rating Accomodation Atmosphere Personel Price Tags Setting

    This overall process connected with me on a very deep level. I appreciated the journeying we went on with Judith at the helm. Her thoughtful, loving guidance and well set out book was a joy to experience. Step by step we went along the path. Connecting with ourselves, journaling, sharing in dyads and then growing individually and as a group. The sacred circle served us well. I felt safe and nurtured. Thought provoking questions, creative and fun collaging projects. Judith created a structure to move along and then gave us permission to totally be ourselves within that. Her intuitive feedback often guiding us into compassionate reframes. She supported us to be kind of ourselves. And what enthusiastic joy she has for our processes and insights. I travelled a million miles during this retreat. Forward and back, around and around in my creativity. Slipping through my life shedding my masks and skins and flying gleefully out of my cocoon. A butterfly transformed.

    3 December 2020

  • J Anderson
    Rating Accomodation Atmosphere Personel Price Tags Setting

    Judith made for us a safe and sacred space in which to take time out from our busy lives to examine ourselves and the paths we have travelled to get to this point. She also gave us tools to think about the way forward, and guided us through that process with lovingkindness and compassion; a very worthwhile and affirming experience all round.

    3 December 2020

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