Inner Wellbeing approaches health with the latest treatments and best sourced products that enhance true health from the inside out. We offer a tailor-made treatment plan that is natural, gentle and non-invasive. Our aim is to create a personalised treatment plan which works best for you.

Whether you want to detox, lose weight, improve sleep or have more energy, we can help. With over twenty years experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we can get you on the path to great health.

We specialise in:

Detoxification – The process of removing toxins from the body. Rejuvenate your beauty from the inside out at Inner Wellbeing, with our non-invasive, painless, detoxifying treatments.

Weight Loss – If you feel frustrated by your weight and you have tried every diet, don’t panic. At Inner Wellbeing we take a personalised approach as no two people are the same. We can create a plan with the best treatments suitable for you.

Increase Energy – When was the last time you felt vibrant and completely well? Optimise your wellbeing through a holistic, personalised approach and choose from our amazing treatments.


Brunelle Method of Colon Hydrotherapy
Colon Hydrotherapy is one of the fastest ways to detox your system, giving you an instant feeling of wellbeing whilst improving overall health.


Lymphatic Drainage
Our Lymphatic Drainage/PressoTherapy treatment is cutting-edge. It is pain free and designed to enhance the flow of your natural lymphatic system, improve circulation and enhance deep detoxification.


Infrared Saunas
Infrared Saunas are the new way to detox, lose weight, clear skin conditions and treat a variety of other health conditions.


Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Involves breathing concentrated oxygen in a very comfortable pressurised tent. This will help with recover and inflammation by providing cells and tissues with the oxygen required to heal and rejuvenate.



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This program has been created with the help of the best Health Retreats around the world and designed especially for you to do at home.


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