When it comes to the Spa industry Kris is the first person who immediately comes to my mind. Having known Kris professionally for 10+ years I wholeheartedly recommend her as THE expert and go-to consultant. Over the years Kris has become a friend who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone who is in the industry and seeking

Kris is the epitome of the all-rounder. Firstly, she lives on the frontier of everything health, wellness & spa related - she's the industry knowledge expert. Secondly, she's the "go to person" on everything & anything fitness-related. Finally, she's a strategist, a creative who designs the most beautiful published materials, an incredible writer, a business owner & a

Kris was one of the pioneers who rallied the Australian
spa and wellness industry. Her passion for all things
wellness clearly showing through her work with the
media and not-for-profit organisations.

Samantha Foster, International Health and Wellness Alliance



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